From my early childhood, my passion was to paint, and most to paint animals.
When I turned 16 I decided to become a graphic designer. I made this decision to choose a promising profession related to computers. But painting and drawing were always something that thrilled me. Hours spent in creativity become my meditation, my relaxation, and filling my inner resource.
I've come a long way to realize what profession really makes me happy. And a few years ago I decided to entirely devote myself to painting.

I work in several techniques, but now most of all it is acrylic painting. I use brushes, a palette knife, a sponge, and my own fingers to achieve various effects, color transitions, and textures.

Painting is the most inspiring process of passing the world through oneself. But it also requires discipline and a willingness to work. My inspiration is that I try to live the life I want every moment. My family, my domestic animals, my horse, my house, and the nature that surrounds us inspire me every day. And through my artworks, I want to convey that feeling of the joy of life.

There are animals often on my canvas. Because they are the most sincere providers of happiness and kindness.

I start to work in different ways. Sometimes I make a draft on the phone, tablet, or computer using Photoshop or mobile apps. I try to make the desired composition, color blends. Then I transfer it to canvas.
Sometimes I start to work without any expectations, I simply mix paints and put stains on the canvas. Then something appears from these stains and I paint details of what I saw on the canvas.
Sometimes I want to fix on the canvas some pictures from real life that seems to me beautiful and interesting.

The artwork may change during the work. I can add some details or change the focused object. When I saw the painting and feel satisfied with the result, then the work is finished.

I believe that art is one of the voices of human souls. And this voice is understandable to everyone, regardless of religion, nationality, or native language. Art unites us with our nature.
I hope my artwork will make you feel the happiness of the moment in your life and provide good vibes to you.
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